Hi and welcome to my site. This is a place for me to put the things I’m thinking about and learning. I’m interested in philosophy, religion, government, symbolism, mythology, history, the ancient world, art, science, psychology, literature…… Anything that offers the promise of insight into a better life.

I studied philosophy and business at Brigham University and went to law school at Harvard Law School. I never practiced law, but instead started businesses and invested in real estate. Some of those businesses and properties I still own, some I’ve successfully sold, and others were failures (aka great opportunities to learn). Somewhere in there, I was also the head coach for my high school alma matter’s men’s soccer team for three years. But if there’s anything that has always been the work I most highly value, it’s been a study and production of ideas that can be applied successfully to the arena of life.

I live in Utah, I’ve got a big family, and I love to break away from home and live for extended periods abroad as a family, or take shorter trips with my wife and kids whenever we can manage.